A Follow- Up consultation normally takes place 9 weeks after the initial consultation and lasts 45 minutes. That is because i generally prescribe remedies for two months.⠀

There are times that i prescribe remedies just for four weeks, that will be because you need more support and that your symptoms are very acute. I can only tell this during the consultation. It is my goal to get you better as quick as possible!! I want your happy reviews on my Facebook page, which enables me to help more people! ⠀

At the Follow-Up i am looking at what symptoms we are left with to prescribe your next prescription on. Healing is like lifting the layers of an onion, the most distressing symptoms are healed leaving symptoms that become more prominent. These may be old symptoms that you used to have that have been suppressed and now can be healed. Or they could be symptoms that have always been there, but as you have had more painful or distressing symptoms your awareness of them has been distracted. ⠀

If you are an existing patient of mine feel free to book a Follow-Up appointment here