Homeopaths vary in price greatly, you can definitely find cheaper Homeopaths than me by a quick google search, as you can find equally more specialised Homeopaths charging a lot more. ⠀

I have studied Homeopathic Detox Therapy under Ton Jansen. This amazing method of Homeopathy allows me to tackle all aspects of your health all at once, detoxing you from pharmaceutical drugs, whilst balancing your hormones, supporting your bowel and also dealing with the causation of your illness and much more. Every case is different, i do not think i have ever prescribed exactly the same course to two different people. ⠀

Normally you would see a Homeopath every 4 weeks, I generally give a two month course of remedies. There are times when I do not give a two month plan and that is if i feel your situation is very acute and you need stabilising before a detox. Only during the consultation can I decide the best route forward to get you better as quick as possible. ⠀

All my remedies are included. ⠀

I do not prescribe on the spot. I take all my cases home and study them at depth to make sure I am prescribing the best i can for each of my patients. This takes time! ⠀

I then make all the remedies up!!! I am not going to lie, this is not my most favourite part of the job, but i haven't go the heart to send my lovely patients to a pharmacy when i can make them up for you! ⠀

So to recap for a the price of an initial consultation you get ⠀

+ one hour and 15 minute consultation in my clinic or online⠀
+ up to one hour of my study time on your case at home⠀
+ 8 week prescription instead of 4 week⠀
+ all your remedies are included (generally my prescriptions would cost £150 at a pharmacy)⠀
+ 7 day a week email support if needed⠀

If you have any questions or are ready to book an appointment, see my online diary here.