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Homeopathic Fertility Programme

6 Months 1:1 Support

You want a baby more than anything and you always thought getting pregnant would be easy.

But it turns out it’s not that simple.


You’ve read all the books you can get your hands on, submitted your body to a barrage of tests, seen all the specialists.

And you’re still not pregnant.


You feel your biological clock ticking and you’re worried about months or years passing by.


You search the internet late at night, reading and watching anything you think might be helpful. 

Every month it’s the same old story.

You feel sad and hopeless and are not sure where to turn next.

That's where I come in...  as a fertility coach and homeopath, I guide you to the quickest and fastest way to heal your health and restore your fertility, using homeopathy, detoxing, lifestyle, diet, supplementation, whichever is most needed for you individually,  depending on your symptoms.


The Homeopathic Fertility Programme is a 6-month 1:1 healing journey that finds and heals the root cause as to why you are not getting pregnant.

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Homeopathic Treatment

Personalised Homeopathic treatment, that heals the root cause of why you are not getting pregnant.  Whether that is physical or emotional.  Homeopathic Detoxing is prescribed to detox pharmaceutical drugs such as steroids, the contraceptive pill, and va((inations.  Homeopathy is used to rebalance hormones, adrenals, cortisol, adrenaline, the thyroid and vitamin D levels.  Every prescription is different depending on your symptoms. 


Where necessary I will recommend testing to find out exactly what is going on and not to waste time.   This could be blood work to test vitamin D, thyroid function, nutrient levels. Or other testing such as a GI Map to look for infections, Heavy Metal Testing or Genetic Testing. 

Fertility Foundations

The foundations to fertility are extremely important, this is your lifestyle, your diet,  nutrients and supplements you could be missing, exploring toxicity in your environment or body that could be affecting your fertility.   Together we explore the foundations to fertility and I help guide you to make changes where necessary.


Charting your temperature each morning is the easiest way to see how your hormones are and if you are ovulating.  All my patients are linked into my Kindara Practitioner Portal and I am able to monitor your temperatures daily and advise you where necessary.  

There are 4 Pillars to the Homeopathic Fertility Programme

What to expect from the Homeopathic Fertility Programme

The Homeopathic Fertility Programme​ is for him and her to restore your health and fertility.  Best results are found when both of you come for treatment. 

Each partner receives individually...

An initial consultation 

Two follow-up consultations

Three check-in calls 

Full email support 

All Homeopathic prescriptions and remedies are included

Lifestyle Advice

Dietary Advice

Supplement Advice

Recommendations on Testing

For Her - Support on charting your temperature each morning and daily monitoring of your chart to increase chances of pregnancy. 


Some Success Stories...

Smiling Blonde Woman


Natasha helped me to regain my energy and deal with my anxious episodes. But the biggest gift was balancing my hormones and managing to fall pregnant straight away - something that due to previous complications I wasn’t expecting at all! Natasha also replies to my emails really quickly, which is much appreciated when she is so busy! Highly recommend Natasha to anyone looking to better their health

Ready for your BFP?

This programme is for you both for 6 months

Investment of £999 or a payment plan is available.