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World Mental Health Day 2020 — Coping with Infertility with Homeopathy

What a year 2020 has been, even if you felt like your mental health was pretty stable, if there was any year it would have a wobble it would be 2020

Added to the already difficult year of 2020, if you are trying to get pregnant, it is a double whammy of wobbles. Being on social media more and hearing about lockdown babies is just the last thing you need.

It is impossible to go through infertility without an effect on your mental health. The monthly cycles of hope, waiting, and then disappointment is going to knock any mentally stable girl off of her feet.

Grief has such a massive effect on your fertility, twice now, I have got a couple pregnant, on the first cycle by clearing grief. Yes, I gave lots of other detoxes, but to this day, I believe that the one grief remedy would have had the same result.

When we are grieving, or even very stressed, our cortisol levels rise, (the fight or flight hormone) which drains the fertility hormones, estrogen, and progesterone, which need to be in balance to conceive.

Our bodies are very clever, if our cortisol levels are high our body thinks we need to fight or fly, it will think you need to survive, not bring new life into the world.

If you are struggling with grief, stress, worry, guilt, shame or are very emotional these difficult emotions can be eased with Homeopathic Treatment. When we get these emotions into balance, it has an incredible effect on the hormones in our body, the cortisol levels drop, enabling the fertility hormones to come back into balance.

If you are trying to conceive and it is having a negative effect on your mental health, then please get in touch…

Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK.

She helps couples from around the world have healthy babies, naturally.

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