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Why I do not think you should get the CO VID VA((INE if you are planning to get pregnant.

As you may know I detox va((ines in my practice. I try not to get into a debate about the pros and cons of va((ination, as I completely understand everyone is just doing what they think is right for them and their family.

But I will say that I have seen amazing results in detoxing TB, HPV, Rabies, Travel, Childhood Va((inations. These include a young boy, who would not potty train and did so a week after the child va((ination detox and also another girl who learnt to play the guitar in a week!

There have been many doctors who have bravely spoken out about the potential side effect of infertility with this new va((ination, it is brand new and is actually only now it is the trial phase. If you are planning to get pregnant or are pregnant, I urge you to wait to see what happens.

I have successfully detoxed other va((ines, but as this brand new and affects the DNA, I do not know yet how I can help and the remedy is not yet currently available.

Due to the current suppression of free speech on social media, I need to be careful what I say on here, as I do not want to be banned! But you can book a free consultation with me to discuss any worries you have about future or past va((ination, the link is in my bio.


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