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Why Every Woman Trying to Conceive Needs a Homeopathic Contraceptive Pill Detox

Many women today are the third generation in their family to take the contraceptive pill as women started taking it in the 1950s.

So many, young girls today experience problems when they start their periods, they are painful, heavy with severe PMT, and when they are taken to the doctor, the solution is to put these young women who are already showing signs of an endocrine imbalance on the contraceptive pill.

Putting a teenage girl on the pill for problematic periods is like putting a plaster on a festering wound.

The hormonal imbalance is never corrected and when these young girls want to have a family, it is understandable why they have difficulty conceiving.

The pill works by stopping the hormones responsible for ovulation and thinning the uterine lining. For some women when they stop the pill their bodies are able to start functioning again, but for other women, the delicate balance of hormones is not so easily restored.

The toxicity of the pill obviously leaves the body, but the suppression and imbalance on the endocrine system remains.

Signs that you need a Homeopathic Contraceptive Pill Detox

My cycles are too short or too long

I have PMT

My periods are painful

My periods are too heavy or too light

I have clots and dark blood

I am anxious or depressed

I am trying to conceive

My periods have not returned to normal after I came off the pill

I am not ovulating

I could never take the contraceptive pill, I always felt ill on it- (In this case check with your mum, if she used the contraceptive pill before you were born)

So How Does a Homeopathic Contraceptive Pill Detox Work?

I use Homeopathy to detox the contraceptive pill in all my female patients, not just those trying to conceive but, for other symptoms such as anxiety and depression, thyroid symptoms, headaches, and gut health symptoms. In fact, I detox the contraceptive pill in all my female patients.

It takes two months to detox the contraceptive pill and each prescription is unique, depending on your personality, your past traumas and your other symptoms.

Fertility is linked to your overall health, once a couple has restored their health naturally, then a natural pregnancy follows.

Emma who came to me for her IBS symptoms found that not only did her IBS disappear from a contraceptive detox, she found herself pregnant the following month after trying for two years!!!

I see such lovely results after a contraceptive pill detox. Increased energy, better mood and more focus. I also see improvements in painful and heavy periods, absent periods return, cycle becomes regular, ovulation starts and there are improvements in temperature charts, and….. the ultimate goal, pregnancy.

If you are worried that the contraceptive pill then please get in touch…

Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK. She helps couples from around the world have healthy babies, naturally.

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