Vitamin D and Fertility

The levels of vitamin D required by the body is much higher than previously thought. Vitamin D has been linked to obesity, endometriosis, PCOS, miscarriage, and infertility. The research into Vitamin D for fertility is in the early stage, but some studies have had compelling results.

“Researchers at the University of Southern California measured Vitamin D levels in 200 women going through IVF, it found that the odds of pregnancy were 4 times higher for women with high Vitamin D compared to those with Vitamin D deficiency” It Starts with the Egg, Rebecca Fett

How can you tell if you are Vitamin D deficient?

Getting sick often Prone to infections Fatigue/Tiredness Bone and Back Pain Depression Wounds slow to heal Bone Loss Hair Loss Muscle Pain

If you suspect you could have a vitamin D deficiency, a blood test can be ordered by your doctor. If the results show that vitamin D levels are less than 24 ng/mL then take 4,000iu of Vitamin D a day. For those with a vitamin D level of 24-30ng/mL take 2,000iu a day.

It is important NOT to take a vitamin D from your local supermarket, good quality Vitamin D without fillers can be sourced from many reputable companies, my favorites are Viridian, Biocare, Healthleads and Biotics Research.

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Alongside taking a Vitamin D supplement, a homeopathic version of vitamin D in a 6c can be bought from any Homeopathic pharmacy. By taking the Homeopathic version alongside the supplement, it is basically reminding the body of the correct levels of vitamin D to help your body to rebalance.




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