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This blog comes to you with an extremely heavy heart as the side effects of all the c o v i d vaccinations is coming to light all over social media, testimonials of people dropping dead within hours, suffering strokes, previously healthy people suffering from horrendous pain, horrendous rashes. I have screenshot every single one of these testimonials and for anyone, in doubt I can forward them on to you.

Other people are reporting experiencing side effects just by being around those who have been vaccinated, which is pretty terrifying. Bleeding in post-menopausal women, women continually bleeding, feeling general malaise, headaches, and the most shocking bleeding in young children. No one knows for sure what this transmission is, but I am monitoring the information coming out on this and as more is known, I will write another blog on what you can do to protect yourself.

As a homeopath, I feel that homeopathy is the only possible solution for these side effects and behind the scenes, us homeopaths are collecting and collating data on what can be achieved so we can help the world heal. I feel so bitter, upset, and angry about how this experimental vaccine has been released on the world, the propaganda behind it, and the harm it is causing.

I am the type of homeopath, that just likes to work quietly behind the scenes, not one to put my neck above the line but the story of a young mother, dying after the AstraZeneca, and leaving behind a young daughter, shook me to the absolute core and I realised that I need to help and start warning people, as in the UK it is now being offered to 40 and over and a lot of those people have dependent children. Who cares if I get kicked off Facebook!

So for those of you new to Homeopathy, or even those who use it regularly I thought I would write this blog and explain all the different ways that Homeopathy can help you or your loved ones who are having an adverse reaction to the c o v i d vaccine.


In my practice, I detox vaccines such as childhood vaccinations, travel vaccinations, and HPV vaccines all the time with great success. I also detox pharmaceutical drugs such as the contraceptive pill, steroids, SSRIs the list goes on. In fact, any pharmaceutical drug can be detoxed using homeopathy. When we go through a patients timeline we can normally pinpoint where a person's health went wrong, whether it was after a trauma, shock, illness or after a pharmaceutical drug. In this case, we then detox the drug or vaccine over 8 weeks with lots of supports of the organs, and the body's neurotransmitters to ensure the detox is as gentle as possible. To be honest, these prescriptions become so supportive that I very rarely see side effects.

Before detoxing vaccines, in normal cases we have to prepare the endocrine system, this involves detoxing the contraceptive pill and steroids, (which are made of testosterone). But if someone is having a huge adverse reaction to one of the c o vi d vaccines, then it will be up to the homeopath's discretion in the order it must be done. Every patient and every case is different. The c o v i d vaccines can be detoxed over 24 hours, 4 days, or 8 weeks depending on the severity of the reaction.

Our homeopathic pharmacies have already prepared a remedy from the exact vaccines, so Homeopaths are ready to detox it in exactly the same way. Unfortunately, where we all have a huge amount of experience detoxing other vaccines, this vaccine is very new to all of us. But we are ready and as prepared as we can be to detox the c o v i d vaccines. Please seek out a qualified and experienced homeopath to do this for you, this cannot be done on your own.


Alongside a homeopathic detox of the actual vaccine, support remedies are given which cover the exact symptoms you are experiencing. It seems that the side effects are ranging from severe skin eruptions to headaches, malaise, menstrual irregularities. We have homeopathic remedies that cover all those symptoms and your homeopath will match your symptoms with the remedies needed to stimulate your own immune system to heal.


All through our body, we have neurotransmitters that send chemical messages to our nerves and organs, such as histamine, insulin, cortisol, adrenaline, progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone to name a few. When our bodies undergo a traumatic event such as a vaccine these neurotransmitters can be knocked out of balance. The easiest one to explain is that if you are having an allergic response after the vaccine, with skin rashes, then it is likely your histamine is out of balance. Homeopaths can rebalance these neurotransmitters by giving them back as a homeopathic remedy over 8 weeks to help them stabilise. The neurotransmitters that need help will be obvious to your homeopath when you describe your symptoms and will be included in your homeopathic prescription.

If you are struggling with the side effects of the co*vi*d vaccine then please find a qualified homeopath to help you. The results coming back so far from my colleagues are very promising and we are all ready to help you get better.

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