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STEROIDS... HAVE YOU EVER TAKEN THEM? (and how they affect your fertility)

If you have been one of my patients, you know how much I bang on about STEROIDS!!

Steroids are made from testosterone, YES!! ONE OF YOUR FERTILITY HORMONES! and they are the most suppressive pharmaceutical there is for your endocrine system, causing an imbalance in your fertility hormones. This can lead to infertility, spontaneous abortion etc.

In all my patients, STEROIDS is the first detox we do!

It has got to the point now, that if one of my patients, has forgotten they have taken steroids, I can instantly tell at the follow-up consultation.

The progress just isn't the same!

If you have ever had IVF treatment, asthma, acne, allergies, painful joints with swelling, inflammation, IBD, it is most likely you have taken steroids, it may have been called Prednisolone.

Steroids are the number 1 cause of male infertility, as they are made of testosterone, the number 1 male fertility hormone, they cause a huge imbalance. Was your guy ever into weight training?

It doesn't matter if you took them 20 years ago, you absolutely need a Homeopathic Steroid Detox.

My patients report having so much energy after detoxing steroids, improved pain, improved skin conditions. I have had patients come off their asthma pumps, improved periods. Honestly, the list of dramatic health improvements goes on and on!

If you are still taking steroids, taking Homeopathic support can help you wean off of them more easily.

One of my recent success stories, couldn't remember if she had taken steroids. I could tell by how she had responded to the first prescription that there was a block in treatment. One month after completing the steroid detox, she was pregnant.

If you have ever taken steroids and are trying to get pregnant, book a free consultation.

Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK.

She helps couples from around the world have healthy babies, naturally.

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