Low Sperm Count and Link to Past Use of Steroids

Have you been told you are struggling with male infertility factor?

Has your man ever taking steroids? I mean ever? Even for just a week?

Maybe an asthma pump as a child, a steroid cream for eczema or acne?

Or were they into bodybuilding?

Has he had a steroid injection for painful joints or after an allergic reaction?

Symptoms of low testosterone in men.

- erectile dysfunction, or problems developing or maintaining an erection - other changes in your erections, such as fewer spontaneous erections - decreased libido or sexual activity - infertility - rapid hair loss - reduced muscle mass - increased body fat - enlarged breasts - sleep disturbances - persistent fatigue - brain fog - depression

I detox steroids in men and women safely over two months. In each plan, remedies are given not only to detox the steroids, but also any other symptoms your partner is struggling with, may it be gut health, anxiety, depression, insomnia and emotional symptoms, such as anger, guilt or grief.

In fact, steroids are so suppressive of the immune system, the first thing I do with my patients is detox steroids, fertility, and non-fertility. My patients report, feeling so much better, more energy, more focus, and improved sperm quality.




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