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Ladies! Three Tips to Keep Connected to Your Man Through Infertility

This is a follow-on from my previous post on how men can keep connected with their women through infertility. I recently did a 5-day challenge with the amazing Tony Robbins, and he shared such good tips on how to keep a happy, passionate, connected relationship, I wanted to share those tips with my community.

Men want to be our hero, extremely difficult if a man feels helpless during the TTC process, especially if dealing with male infertility, this can be extremely tough. Avoid criticism, I know this can be difficult especially with the added emotions of TTC, but try and catch yourself if you can.

Don't close off, I know when you have not felt seen, heard, or understood, it is easy to close off to your man, but try not to shut off your emotions, feminine energy is all about openness. The patience and kindness of the female energy has the ability to transform and heal a relationship.

The last tip is to give up control, many women do not know they do this! By letting go of control in the relationship, there is the ability to create real joy.

I hope these tips help, but I highly recommend doing one of Tony Robbin's events if you are struggling in your relationship. There was so much useful information in there and it would be a great place to start if your relationship is struggling!

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