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How to Make a Fertility Smoothie

A fertility smoothie each morning, is a great way to start your day with a boost in healing nutrition in a delicious way. Method

  1. Add your greens, a big handful of baby kale, spinach, or chard.

  2. Add a cup full of berries, fresh or frozen, berries, raspberries, blueberries, or cherries.

  3. Add your liquid, a cup full of water, coconut or almond milk, or coconut water.

  4. Add one scoop of protein powder, for example, hemp, organic whey, collagen, bone broth powder.

  5. Add your fat, half an avocado, a scoop of coconut oil, a tablespoon of hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds or any other nuts.

  6. Add a tablespoon of any other nutritional powders you would like, such as bee pollen, raw cacao powder, spirulina, wheatgrass, maca, acai berry powder, royal jelly.

  7. Mix it all up and ENJOY!

What's your favourite ingredients in a smoothie, let me know below…

Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK. She helps couples from around the world have healthy babies, naturally.

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