How to Cope with Painful Periods When Trying to Conceive.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

When trying to conceive, I know you are trying to avoid putting anything harmful in your body. But if you have painful, cramping periods, it is hard to not reach for those painkillers, that have always got you through!

Painful periods are a sign of a hormonal imbalance. If your periods have been painful since you began, it signifies that you could have been born with this endocrine imbalance, it is not normal for periods to be painful.

Many women today are the second or third generation to be born to mothers who have taken the contraceptive pill. The contraceptive pill is a disruptor of our endocrine system and unfortunately, this imbalance is being passed on to the next generation. If you have always had painful periods, it is worth asking mum, if she took the pill before you were born, or if she took any medication whilst pregnant.

If your painful periods started later on in life, then it is important to look at the causation, what was happening in life just before your periods became painful? Was there, shock, grief, or trauma. An operation, after prescription medication, or after stopping the contraceptive pill.

If you can pinpoint what has caused the imbalance in your endocrine system this can be balanced out with Homeopathy.

How to Help Painful Periods Naturally.

  • a heat pad on the painful area can be very soothing, helping the muscles to relax

  • massaging your abdomen

  • taking a warm bath

  • doing regular physical exercise

  • eating light, nutritious meals

  • practicing meditation or yoga

  • raising your legs or lying with your knees bent

  • reducing your intake of salt, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar to prevent bloating

Supplements that help Painful Periods

  • vitamin B6

  • vitamin B1

  • vitamin E

  • omega-3 fatty acids

  • calcium

  • magnesium

Homeopathy for Painful Periods

Mag Phos 200c is the Number 1 remedy to use instead of painkillers. The pain is cramping, better for heat, and from being curled up.

Belladonna 200c is for when the periods are throbbing and spasmodic pain of the uterus. During your period you want to be left in a dark room.

Sepia 200c for when there is a dragging down sensation of the uterus like everything would fall out of your uterus.

Chamomilla 200c helps when there is a lot of irritability as well as pain. There may be hot sweat and intolerable pain which makes you cross, impatient, and hard to please.

A Homeopathic contraceptive pill detox is the best way to help rebalance your endocrine system, especially if mum used the contraceptive pill before you were conceived or you have a history of taking the contraceptive pill.

Some testimonies of some of my patients…

“ My period came, no pain, no tears, and not restless, it was a shock’

‘First time I have not taken painkillers through my period in my life’

‘My period used to wake me in the night and have me writhing in pain, nowhere near as bad the last two months’

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