How I Became a Fertility Homeopath

Hi, I am Natasha Burns and I want to tell you the story of how I became a fertility Homeopath.

I qualified as a Homeopath in 2011 after four years of study, my brain was fried and I could not read another book. I had lived and breathed Homeopathy for the last five years and to be honest I never wanted to read another Homeopathy book again! An opportunity came up to open a Health food shop, which I loved, it sold all organic produce and all my customers became friends! I had had that for 4.5 years until my life was changed forever.

In 2016 I had just come back from a holiday in Egypt and my car was hit by a van, quite hard, hard enough that my car needed a new suspension. To be honest, I could have walked away from that accident without a second thought, but what came after that changed my whole life.

The farm shop was pretty physical work, lifting heavy boxes every day and my back was in agony, I would be crying lifting the boxes each morning. I spent the next 8 months trying to work and in November 2016 I realised that I just couldn’t do another busy Christmas in the shop and decided I had no choice but to close the shop forever. Trying to cope for so long in so much pain had left my mental health at rock bottom, and I was fighting back suicidal thoughts.

The pain got worse and worse and in 2017 I spent 35 nights in hospital over 6 months, in agonising pain and no one knew what was wrong with me. I was so weak, I couldn’t eat, I had given up, three operations later and I still couldn’t get out of hospital. I couldn’t even get in the shower let alone put into practice all the health knowledge I had and I was living on pharmaceutical drugs.

I was lying in the hospital thinking God, ‘Why am I having this experience, do you want me to be a nurse?’ I just knew that one day all this pain would be used for good, I just couldn’t see the way out.

The loneliness I felt in hospital was acutely painful, I have always been an upbeat person, I didn’t want people to know how bad it was, on one side I felt it was something I had to go through alone and on the other side, I wanted to be comforted like a child. I was in and out of hospital so much over such a long period of time, I didn’t want to put people out to visit me again and when other people on the ward had loads of visitors I would close my curtains and cry.

I was too ill to do anything I never thought I would have any kind of life again, the pain I was living in each day was agonising and soul-destroying.

I felt hopeless, how would I ever work again? Would I be able to eat again? Would I live in pain my whole life? I couldn’t even get groceries but I had to keep going for my children.

In-between my hospital stays I went for a session of acupuncture with my friend, who was a fertility acupuncturist. Oh my, I was so in awe, what a wonderful thing to do to be able to help people have a family. She was so happy and I just couldn’t believe the results she was getting, I thought ‘now THAT is the best job in the world!!!

She said to me, Natasha we need you, you need to start your practice. You can do this. A week or so later, another dear friend, Emilie, said Natasha you need to start your practice too, these two nudges, made me think that maybe, just maybe this is what I needed to do.

Finally, in August 2017, the hospital got the pain under control, about 6 weeks after starting a medication, I was able to stop my stints in hospital on my 37th birthday.

I dug out my Homeopathy books and started to read, but could I really help people achieve this? By distracting myself in Homeopathy and having a plan and hope for the future my health started to slowly improve.

But could I really help people fall pregnant? I started seeing a few patients under supervision. I knew that I needed a lot of experience before being confident in the fertility niche. I started seeing more and more patients.

Then I realised that if I really wanted to be a specialist in fertility I needed to learn how to detox pharmaceutical drugs, such as the contraceptive pill. I knew that I had to learn Homeopathic Detox therapy, but I was still so ill and the courses were 4 days in London!! I knew I had to do it, so I booked myself on a course and traveled to London, this was the hardest thing I had done in a long time, my body was still so fragile. The master was taking patients on the stage as case studies and I jumped at the chance, I was lucky enough to be treated by one of the best Homoeopaths in the world and this is when my health really started turning around.

Over the next year I really mastered Homeopathic Detox Therapy, the results in my patients were phenomenal and I became more and more confident in my ability as a Homeopath. Then I had the results I had been dreaming of and my patients started to fall pregnant!! YAY!

I knew it was time to realise my dream to specialise in Fertility.

I now know that I went through so much pain and grief to get me to this place. I have always been empathetic, but what I have now is a form of empathy that only comes through hitting the lowest place that you can go. I still suffer from chronic pain, but it is definitely more manageable. I am not one to dwell in misery, I know the power of being positive and I have learned to build a fulfilling life around the pain.

It is looking like I have a trapped nerve in the abdominal wall, it would be pretty impossible for me to hold down a full-time job, but it doesn’t matter as I have achieved my dream of being able to help couples have families, which is literally the best job in the world.

Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK. She helps couples have healthy babies naturally, all over the world.

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