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How Homeopathy Can Help with the Emotions of Trying to Conceive

I understand how mentally, physically, and emotionally draining trying to conceive is.

In each homeopathic prescription for fertility, you are given your constitutional remedy each Saturday.

Now, what is a constitutional remedy?

This is the homeopathic remedy that most matches your personality, your traumas, griefs, what you worry most about, your fears...

They say Homeopathy isn't scientific, and I hugely disagree, for each remedy, we know exactly what it does on the mental, emotional, and physical sphere.

Not only the physical symptoms it covers, but also the personality of that remedy too.

If you are generally anxious for example, with heavy clotted periods, have recently had a miscarriage, there will be a remedy that matches exactly those symptoms.

But, someone may also come to me with exactly the same symptoms, and the way they tell their story, how their anxiety started, the language they use to describe their symptoms may point me to a completely different remedy.

In all honestly, there are very few times I have prescribed exactly the same prescription.

When we have been through huge griefs and disappointments, we can get stuck in that grief, the constitutional remedy helps to gently nudge us out of that dark place and start to feel better emotionally again.

With this comes a return of energy, needed to help the body heal and rebalance those essential fertility hormones.

I have seen a number of times that the constitutional remedy was all that was needed to get pregnant, even though I had prescribed a two-month prescription.

I am so sorry that you are here, but please have hope, Homeopathy has so much to offer if you are overwhelmed with the emotions of trying to conceive.

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Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK. She helps couples from around the world have healthy babies, naturally.

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