How Detoxing the Contraceptive Pill Improves Your Fertility.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Most women today are the third generation to take the contraceptive pill as women started taking it in the 1950s.

Many women today have had problems with their periods in their teens and were put on the pill to alleviate the symptoms. Putting a teenage girl on the pill for problematic periods is like putting a plaster on a festering wound. The hormonal imbalance was never corrected and for some women, they have never had a normal healthy cycle.

The pill works by stopping the hormones responsible for ovulation. For some women when they stop the pill their bodies are able to start functioning again, but for other women, the delicate balance of hormones is not so easily restored.

I detox the contraceptive pill in nearly all of my female patients for symptoms such as depression, anxiety, hormonal issues, thyroid symptoms, etc, the list goes on.

Emma who came to me for her IBS symptoms found that not only did her IBS disappear from a contraceptive detox, she found herself pregnant the following month after trying for two years!!!

Detoxing the contraceptive pill for fertility improves symptoms of painful and heavy periods, absent periods, cycle too long or too short, anovulation, clotted periods, PCOS, endometriosis, issues with implantation or repeated miscarriages.

So How do you detox the contraceptive pill?

After a consultation, a plan is devised not only to detox the contraceptive pill but often antibiotics as well, especially if you are experiencing gut health issues. Alongside that remedies are given to help heal any grief or trauma, stress, anxiety and support your hormones daily to start to improve your fertility from day one. Each plan is individualised to each patient to get maximum healing as quickly as possible.

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