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How Candida Affects Your Fertility and How Homeopathic Treatment Helps.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

That horrible itch the first sign that you have a yeast infection. Most women will experience thrush at some point in their lives, and although antifungals may solve the problem for some, if you are having recurring yeast infections this is a sign that there is an underlying imbalance.

Candida normally lives in delicate harmony with other bacteria in the bowel, but at times these numbers can increase, leading to symptoms of thrush, such as itching, swelling, and a cottage cheese discharge.

The one sure way candida affects your fertility is you absolutely do not want to have sex! But, recurrent infections are often a sign of a greater imbalance of the vagina flora and cervical mucous and this affects the sperms ability to reach the uterus, making it difficult to conceive.

When there are recurrent infections the vagina will become more acidic to combat the bacteria and sperm simply cannot survive in an acidic environment.

Causes of Yeast Infection The natural balance of microorganisms in the vaginal area can be skewed by many factors. Some of these are included below:

  • Antibiotics: These can annihilate good bacteria that protect the vagina or change the natural bacterial composition

  • Steroids: Much like antibiotics, steroids can have damaging effects on the natural bacterial environment in the vagina

  • Diabetes: This disease can reduce glycogen levels in vaginal cells and also raise the pH balance within the vagina, making it more conducive to fungal infections

  • Immunity-depleting elements: Diseases like HIV/AIDS, chemotherapy and strong drugs can hamper immunity

  • Vaginal wounds: Vaginal insertions can cause wounds that expose the bloodstream to bacterial and fungal agents

  • Tight underwear: Tight, synthetic underwear can promote warmth, moisture, and irritation

  • Hormonal shifts: Ovulation, menopause, pregnancy, hormone therapy, and birth control pills can all alter hormone levels

How Thrush is Treated with Homeopathy

Detoxing of Pharmeuctical Drugs — Antibiotics, Steroids, and Antifungal medication can all be detoxed homeopathically, enabling the gut to come back into balance. Once the gut is in balance, good bacteria will return to keep candida in check.

Bowel Nosodes — Our Homeopathic Probiotic.

If you are struggling with recurrent thrush, then do not suffer any longer. Book a free consultation in the link below.

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