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Guys! Three Tips to Keep Connected to Your Woman Through Infertility

I have just completed a free 5-day challenge with the amazing Tony Robbins. There was a whole day on relationships and there were some great tips on how to keep a healthy, happy, relationship with passion year on year. I thought these tips would be extremely helpful to those in my community.

Firstly, guys, you do not have to fix it, women connect through communicating. If your partner is trying to express how she feels, all you have to do is listen. Women want to feel understood and heard, they do not always need solutions. So when she wants to talk, have a willingness to hear her.

Secondly, she needs to feel seen, if you are going through stress at work, or had a particularly hard day, then communicate that, ' Babe, I am really stressed right now, I just need half an hour.' Take time to be together, for love to flourish, it needs proximity, proximity, proximity!

Thirdly your woman needs to feel safe! This is a big one for fertility anyway as if a woman feels unsafe, her adrenaline (the fight or flight hormone) rises and her subconscious may think now is not a good time to have a baby, as I need to survive. I know this is a tough time for you as well as her, but make a conscious effort to be as calm, collected, and supportive as you can be.

Relationships do not end from a lack of love.

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