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Recently a family member with diabetes who was in the hospital after a toe infection had become so severe it had to be amputated :( he had been in the hospital for 3 weeks and the antibiotics were just not working and his blood sugars were sky-high.

I started sneaking into hospital remedies in a newspaper, one being Homeopathic Insulin. Within 24 hours of taking Homeopathic Insulin, his sugars came down to normal levels. A miracle!

After that, a miracle happened, on the Thursday they were talking about amputating another toe, and after further treatment, quite by surprise he was able to leave the hospital by Monday!

Then just yesterday I had the pleasure to have a whole day of study on the Homeopathic Treatment of Diabetes and Insulin Resistance.

As I am a fertility Homeopath, I want to use all this experience to help those of you suffering from diabetes and trying to conceive.

Diabetes is associated with lowered fertility rates.

What I learned in this course, may be totally new and surprising but bear with me.

It is thought that with diabetes there is often pancreatic fungus, similar to candida. This often occurs after the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics can be detoxed over two months with homeopathy.

There is often a leaky gut issue linked with diabetes.

If your pancreas is still producing even a small amount of insulin, it is possible to help your pancreas recover with homeopathic treatment.

In men, diabetes is linked to low testosterone, which can be improved with Homeopathic testosterone and also a Homeopathic detox with steroids.

This is just a top-level overview of how Homeopathy can help improve diabetes, especially when trying to conceive. If you are trying to conceive and are diabetic book a free consultation, to discuss your case with me.

Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK. She helps couples from around the world have healthy babies, naturally.

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