Case Study — IVF Side Effects Resolved from a Homeopathic Detox of IVF drugs

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Laura (name changed) had had IVF a few years previous and this round of IVF had been successful.

Since the birth, she had been feeling exhausted, even though she was so happy to have her baby, she found it hard to feel excited about anything. Laura said she ‘had nothing else to give,’ and because of that felt isolated. Laura was emotional and suffered from headaches, especially around her period.

At the first consultation, I started a detox of steroids, which is the most important detox to do first, steroids have a suppressive effect on the endocrine system. At our next consultation, her mind was clearer, but there had not been a big change!

At the second consultation, we started to detox the IVF drugs, this was life-changing for Laura, she reported that she felt happier, her energy returned, she was feeling optimistic about the future and finally started to feel herself again. It was lovely to hear the joy coming back to Laura’s voice.

Many women I speak to suffer from the after-effects of IVF, they suffer not only from exhaustion, but physical symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, irregular cycles, anovulation, or heavy or light periods.

If you are suffering from the after-effects of IVF please get in touch, a simple Homeopathic IVF detox brings relief very quickly.

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