ZYTO Nutritional Scan Offer Every Monday at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre.

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Feeling sluggish? Not felt right for ages? Find out which supplements and vitamins your body needs with a ZYTO nutritional scan! This incredible technology gives you detailed information about your health to enable you to make conscious health decisions! Insights are given to the following systems of the body: Detoxification System Hormonal/Endocrine System Gastrointestinal System Immune System Insights are given to the following lifestyle areas: Diet and Nutrition Hydration Inflammation Mental/Emotional Stress Additional insights are given to the following. Emotions The Spine The Teeth The Meridians Which services would be best The ZYTO identifies which supplements you need, these can then be purchased at the end of your consultation and delivered to your address. The ZYTO scan will be at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre EVERY MONDAY from 9.30pm til 7.30pm, to book a 30 minute slot send a private message with your preferred date and time. If you would like to find out more about the ZYTO scan, book a free 15 minute chat at www.natashaburnshomeopathy.co.uk/book-onlin Reviews for the Zyto Nutritional Scan 'Natasha is one of the most skilled Homeopaths I’ve come across. Apart from that, she also has a new health diagnostic scan which I found to be absolutely spot on and non-invasive. I got me and my little boy scanned, and so there were issues I was already aware of. When the scan results came back it was absolutely bang on. I also found out what Vitamins & Minerals I needed, which saved a fortune in guess work & buying supplements I didn’t actually need. The scan also gave us feedback on our detox pathways and overall health which I found invaluable. Very happy to recommend Natasha, she is an extremely intuitive and skilled practitioner - who is able to get results fast and accurate' Carol. Normally £35 - special offer price each Monday £25 TO BOOK A SLOT ONLINE 1. GO TO - www.natashaburnshomeopathy.co.uk/book-online 2. Scroll down to the ZYTO section. 3. Choose a Monday and available time slot on the online calendar. 4. Follow the instructions and that's it. 5. I will see you at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre in Scorrier at your allocated time. 6. Just bring yourself. If you take regular supplements, then I advise to stop taking them three days beforehand.

Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK. She helps couples from around the world have healthy babies, naturally.

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