Homeopathy for Exam Stress

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

My first born will be sitting his GCSE's in the next month. Incredible how fast time goes and in a blink of an eye his time at school is ending. He is coping extremely well and not showing any signs of stress at the moment, but here are the remedies I will have on hand to help him.

Aconite for acute anxiety before an exam with restlessness. They are anxious, nervous, excitable, talkative, impulsive and craving sweets.

Argentum Nitricum can appear like a headless chicken! Hurried, fidgety and impulsive, and a lot of worrying “what if?”.  They often crave sweets but them feel worse after eating them.  Physically there can be vomiting or diarrhoea and trembling.

Arsenicum Album  presents with anxiety and sleeplessness with stomach complaints. There is a sense of dread and inability to sleep with worry about their exams.  Suits high achievers that have OCD tendencies about their work.

Calcarea Phosphorica - A tissue salt great for fatigue and leg cramps from rapid growth spurts. There are also stomach aches and sore throats. They crave salty food like fries and bacon.

Gelsemium is a great remedy for anticipatory anxiety; when people anticipate even simple things with fear and dread. They become paralysed with the anxiety. They are weary, apathetic, withdrawn and can’t think. May suffer from headaches with drowsiness, heavy, droopy eyes, frequent, painless diarrhoea, and restless, fitful sleep.


Underlying is usually a lack of self-confidence and a fear of failure, but they hide it well and can even seem over-confident. Despite all the worrying they tend to do fine in the actual exam once they get started. They can be irritable, especially at home. Physically the anxiety shows in digestive symptoms, including lots of bloating and wind.

Natrum Muriaticum tends to be tired, despairing and pessimistic. Hammering headaches preceded by misty vision or zig zag lights especially in people who are inclined to brood and ‘stew’ over things.

Sulphur talks, grunts or snores with fitful sleep, sticks hot feet out of bed. Inclined to be lazy, absentminded and to procrastinate, study with music on, drinks lined up and mess all around them.

If your teenager is struggling during exams and you are not sure which remedy to give you can book a free 15 minute chat here to discuss their symptoms with me. 

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