The Different Symptoms of IBS

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

IBS is a diagnosis given to patients who present at the GP with unexplained abdominal pain. GPs will rule out other more serious diagnosis such as diverticulitis, colitis

Different types of IBS

IBS is classified according to which symptoms are the most frequent. Several classifications exist; the following one is used at the Central Middlesex Hospital.

Spastic colon: Characterised by constipation and abdominal pain, which is most often left-sided and relieved by opening the bowels. May be associated instead with diarrhoea.

Functional diarrhoea: Characterised by attacks of diarrhoea, mostly in the mornings. The first bowel movement is usually formed, followed by a rush of mushy or watery motions. These may be explosive, and sufferers are often toilet-bound for long periods of time.

Foregut dysmotility:

Characterised by abdominal bloating and discomfort frequently after eating. Visible stomach enlargement is often a problem and any pain is more often experienced on the right side.

Extra-bowel manifestations:

IBS sufferers often have other symptoms including lethargy, backache, urinary symptoms (“irritable bladder”), pelvic pain and migraine.

During Homeopathic treatment for IBS your individual IBS symptoms are taken into account to match you to the correct Homeopathic Remedy.

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