How do I treat IBS as a Homeopath?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

So you are suffering with griping, burning, twisting pains, diarrhoea and constipation and you are considering Homeopathy because quite frankly nothing else has worked and you are desperate! What can you expect from a Homeopathic Consultation for IBS?

Taking the case

First off we start by taking the case, the initial consultation is 1 hour and 15 minutes. I ask you to describe your symptoms in as much detail as you can. To help with this I send out a 'How to report symptoms' fact sheet prior to your consultation. This is to nudge you to think about all the little symptoms that you may not have thought were significant! All of those tendencies that are unique to you are important to a Homeopath. I also help you by asking questions where I need you to explore in more depth. My goal is to view the world through your eyes and what life is like for you with these symptoms.

Let's take stomach pain for example, here are some of the questions I would ask;

Where is the pain?

What kind of pain is it?

Is there a time of day when the pain is worse? Or better?

What helps relieve the pain?

Have you noticed any triggers?

Stress is a big trigger with IBS, if that is a trigger in your case, we would explore the stress and what it means to you. We would look at the emotions that arise, whether that is fear, anxiety, anger or sadness.

It is also important to explore when the symptoms first started and how life was for you at that time. It could have been that you were on medication or there was a shock, change or trauma. Maybe you went to university, or your child left home, or there was a death of someone close to you. When we go through a shock or trauma our immune systems become stuck, the physical symptoms are there to tell us that we are not quite right. Homeopathy gently nudges the immune system to heal.

Once I have a complete picture of your symptoms and who you are I then work on your case. This is done not only from my extensive knowledge of homeopathic remedies but also i have a wonderful computer programme where i input all your symptoms! It is like my second brain, as with 3000 remedies at my disposal i want to be exact with my prescribing!

Here is a snapshot of the symptoms with diarrhea;

Some useful homeopathic remedies for IBS;

Nux Vomica

Abdominal pains and bowel problems accompanied by tension, constricting sensations, chilliness, and irritability can indicate a need for this remedy. Soreness in the muscles of the abdominal wall, as well as painful gas and cramps are common. Firm pressure on the abdomen brings some relief. When constipated, the person has an urge to move the bowels, but only small amounts come out. The person may experience a constant feeling of uneasiness in the rectum. After diarrhea has passed, the pain may be eased for a little while. A person who needs this remedy often craves strong spicy foods, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and other stimulants—and usually feels worse from having them.

Natrum Carbonicum

This remedy is often indicated for mild people who have trouble digesting and assimilating many foods and have to stay on restricted diets. Indigestion, heartburn, and even ulcers may occur if offending foods are eaten. The person often is intolerant of milk, and drinking it or eating dairy products can lead to gas and sputtery diarrhea with an empty feeling in the stomach. The person may have cravings for potatoes and for sweets (and sometimes also milk, but has learned to avoid it). A person who needs this remedy usually makes an effort to be cheerful and considerate, but, when feeling weak and sensitive wants to be alone to rest.

Argentum Nitricum

Digestive upsets accompanied by nervousness and anxiety suggest the use of this remedy. Bloating, rumbling flatulence, nausea, and greenish diarrhea can be sudden and intense. Diarrhea may come on immediately after drinking water. Eating too much sweet or salty food (which the person often craves) may also lead to problems. A person who needs this remedy tends to be expressive, impulsive, and claustrophobic, and may have blood sugar problems.

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