My Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Started after Antibiotics How Can Homeopathy Help?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Homeopaths love when there is a clear causation, such as a grief or the use of a certain medication, as we can treat that specifically with homeopathic remedies and health is restored quickly! If you know that your IBS was caused by the use of antibiotics or any other medication for that matter there is lots Homeopathy can do to restore balance to your gut flora and your heath.

A study was conducted by the Mayo Clinic in 2017, analysed studies about gut microbiota and IBS. This review led the team to make new observations about the development of the disease.

Among the findings:

• Diet can change the makeup of bacteria in the GI tract, potentially contributing to symptoms in patients with IBS;

• Antibiotic use, which can disrupt gut microbiota is associated with IBS;

• Changes in the gut microbiota may influence the ability of the GI tract to contract to move waste through the system;

• Changes in the gut microbiota can impair communication networks between the immune, nervous and endocrine systems, predisposing people to IBS symptoms.

A strong dose of antibiotics can leave some people with a predisposition to IBS as antibiotics disrupt the gut flora. In some cases the gut flora cannot recover leading to flare ups of IBS symptoms.

Homeopathic Treatment Options

Constitutional Treatment

Constitutional treatment is where each case is taken individually, a remedy is prescribed on all the presenting symptoms and this gently nudges the immune system to heal. Constitutional Treatment works well in IBS cases as Homeopathy takes into account all the details of the symptoms, allowing treatment to be tailored to each individual case.

Antibiotic Detox Therapy

If there is a clear causation to after antibiotic use, an antibiotic detox would be prescribed. Homeopathic remedies are taken every day for an 8 week period, along with bowel support to help your gut flora return to its normal state.

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Food and antibiotics may change microorganisms in gut, causing IBS

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