How to Cope with an Acute Flare Up on your Journey to Wellness

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I have written this blog for those of you who have been suffering with a chronic health condition and are working with a Homeopath but are facing what I like to call 'a blip' that is an acute flare up of your old symptoms.

There have been good days! and there are starting to be more good days than bad and then suddenly the symptoms return and this can be a huge hit not only to your physical health but to your mental heath too. This blog is probably not suited to those of you still deep in your chronic illness, I will write another blog on how to cope with that another time.

For those of you who don't know I suffer with an extremely painful condition called Sphincter de Oddi Dysfunction and Abdominal Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment brought on by a car accident in 2016. Thanks to my homeopath I have been nearly pain free, but there are times when the pain flares up and it can leave me feeling desperate, so I thought I would share these tips on how i cope, in the hope that it will help others.

The journey to full health can be up and down, you can feel you have taken two steps forward and then one step back and it can leave you in despair. It is frustrating when your health has been improving nicely and then suddenly you feel back to square one, the old pain or itchiness or anxiety is back and it feels like its not leaving anytime soon!

When old symptoms return with a vengeance my biggest reaction is huge FEAR!! which i am sure only exasperates the symptoms! I have fear of how long its going to stay, whether my life is going to stop again and how bad it is going to get!

For me the biggest trigger to a flare up is STRESS. For others it could be a slip up on diet, or not doing the exercises that helped you to recover because you were feeling OK, or it could be something else that you were doing to feel better and now have not felt you needed to continue any longer.

Here are my tips to get through a blip:


Remember this is only a blip – I focus on the fact that I was OK just a few days ago! I know the anxiety that comes when symptoms return is paralysing, but being stressed about it releases adrenaline which only makes the symptoms worse. When going through an acute phase I like to meditate for 10 minutes a day, it stops the negative thoughts and helps me to relax.

In my experience having a positive mindset is so important to recovery. Focus on that this will pass and that you will return to better days soon.


I am big fan of journaling, it is extremely powerful to get your fears out on paper. Take a moment to write down everything that scares you about your illness and then take the time to write about how far you have come and where you see yourself in 90 days or one year. Write about your health goals and what you will do when you are well.

I also like to write a daily gratitude list - when you are in pain or feeling so sad that you are sick it is difficult to focus on the good. Take time to write 10 things a day which you are grateful for.

There are lots of videos on Youtube about staying positive to regain health I have these on constantly to encourage me when I am feeling low.


Self care during a blip needs to be a priority. Take naps, get the rest your body needs. Take a bath, eat good food and drink lots of water. If you are in pain then hot water bottles or anything else to relieve the pain is essential. If you have friends and family willing to help you then accept it without feeling guilty. Its OK to say 'no' if you do not feel up to doing something, you are the most important person and what you need to do for you is all that matters.


Whilst you are poorly try and do the little things that bring you joy, anything at all that can bring a smile to your face, whether that is stroking a cat, speaking to friends or family, watching a comedy show. You have full permission to indulge in a Netflix series back to back or watch reality TV all day. It is all about being kind to yourself and distracting yourself from the pain or symptoms whilst you recover from the blip. Health will return in time, just hang on in there.


Whilst on the journey to regain full health I have committed to walking a mile a day. I have continued to do this through this blip but at a much more gentle pace, being mindful to be kind to myself. Walking releases 'feel good' endorphins and therefore is a bonus if you can. You might not be up to walking, but if you can just sit outside for 10 minutes the fresh air, this is better than nothing.


Sometimes there can be an acute flare up during homeopathic treatment. In this case normally there is an inner knowing that although the symptoms are uncomfortable that it will pass and you will feel much better after. Unfortunately with chronic illness it takes a few years to become ill and sometimes there can be health blips as you recover. If the symptoms are unbearable and last more than a few days then get in touch with your homeopath as there are things we can do to help.

If you haven't seen your homeopath for a while then it may mean that a different remedy is needed or a repeat of a remedy you had previously. As Homeopaths we are taught that getting better is like lifting the layers of onion, we treat what is presenting on top and then we can find that old symptoms return during treatment to be healed. This is great news if you are seeing a homeopath as this is a sign that health is returning, get booked in as soon as you can so you can put these symptoms behind you too!

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