Why is Homeopathy so Great for Children

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I have always treated my children homeopathically, I will often prescribe for acute illnesses at home, but if anything has been troubling my children then we see our Homeopath. Even though I am a homeopath, I cannot often see objectively what is troubling my children and therefore it is better for my children to see a homeopath outside of our family dynamic. My eldest son, Conor has seen our homeopath since he was 4, he is now 14 and at an age where he does not want mum to know everything. Conor sees our homeopath alone for part of his consultation. I am pleased that he has someone who he can talk to confidentially about his health and I hope he will continue seeing a Homeopath throughout his life.

I first discovered Homeopathy being a young mum living in Spain. I had been in and out of the doctors every week for months with a 2 year old child who was not thriving, very thin and with constant chest infections. After months we found ourselves in hospital with pneumonia. The week after being in hospital, he was prescribed another batch of antibiotics! I was desperate and I eventually sort out allergy testing for him locally. I did not realise I was seeing a Homeopath at the time and was prescribed a Homeopathic remedy called Drosera. He started to improve immediately and the weakness in his chest disappeared! To this day he has never had any more issues with his chest! A miracle! After moving back from Spain I was so fascinated by Homeopathy, I decided to study it for myself.

So Why is Homeopathy so Great for Children?

As we get older our health becomes more complex, we learn to live with symptoms and there is often layers of suppression from medication. We also learn how to suppress our emotions and carry on as adults have to do! In children, the remedy picture is often clear, and they respond beautifully to the sweet pills which are often more palatable than conventional medicine.

Homeopathy is not only great for treating children's physical symptoms, it is great for tackling emotional symptoms too. Children can have many fears, fear of the dark, of being alone or even going to school. The remedy Pulsatilla is a great for children who are very tearful and clingy and want to be held.

We all as parents want to protect our children emotionally as best we can, but sometimes life is not plain sailing! If you have found that your child's health has not been right since a relationship break up, a shock, losing a loved one or being bullied at school, Homeopathy can gently stimulate your child's immune system to overcome those obstacles and return to 'homeostasis.'

Homeopathy is great for treating other childhood illnesses such as eczema, asthma, hyperactivity, bed wetting, constipation and for helping children on the autistic spectrum. It can be used alongside prescription medicine and is completely safe and without side effects.

During a consultation, Natasha will ask you lots of questions about your child, how they sleep, what they like to eat, whether they are generally hot or cold. Natasha will also ask about your child's personality, how they are in company, are they a leader or a follower, shy or extroverted. Natasha is also interested about your pregnancy and birth and your child's first few months of life. From this information, Natasha will then prescribe a constitutional remedy taking into account all the information about how your child is physically, emotionally, behaviourally and psychologically.

There are appointments available during the holidays, after school or from around the world via Video Call. Clinics are held at The Wellness Hut in Stithians, Cornwall or the Wellbeing Centre in Redruth, Cornwall.

Initial consultations for children can last up to an hour and a half. Follow ups are once a month and take 45 minutes.

The cost of Homeopathic remedies are included in the consultation fee.

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Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK. She helps couples from around the world have healthy babies, naturally.

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