Homeopathic Remedies for Scarlet Fever

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The news breaks that there has been six cases of Scarlet Fever in Cornwall in the last week. Scarlet Fever is caused by streptococcus bacteria which causes Strep throat, it causes a red rash and a 'strawberry tongue.'

First signs of scarlet fever are a headache, a high fever, a sore throat and sickness. This is followed by a red rash that appears on the face or neck with tiny bumps, it may look like sunburn and can itch. The rash spreads to the rest of the body and tends to be the brightest red in the folds of the body, such as the armpits or elbows. The scarlet fever rash will turn white if a glass is placed on it.

Homeopathic Support During Scarlet Fever


This is the main remedy for Scarlet Fever. Smooth red and shiny eruptions with a hot, dry and red throat. Very irritable stomach with nausea and vomiting accompanied with a high fever. There can be cerebral irritation, such as delirium, twitching and uneasy sleep. Hahnemann the founder of Homeopathy also found that Belladonna worked as a prophylactic.


Here the patient will be quiet and listless. The pulse is throbbing but compressible. Often indicated in cases of Scarlet Fever in undernourished children.

Rhus Tox

Rhus Tox is indicated in cases where there are vesicular eruptions, a smooth red tongue and swelling of the face. The child presents with weakness, drowsiness and restlessness complaining of rheumatic symptoms.


In Scarlet Fever calling for Bryonia, there is a headache, with thirst. The blotches do not fully appear and the rash look more like measles.

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