Why Does an Initial Homeopathic Consultation Take an Hour and a Half?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

If you have not experienced a Homeopathic Consultation, you may be wondering what can possibly take an hour and a half!

Homeopathic Practitioners need a lot more detail than your GP does. Natasha will start by listening whilst you fully describe your current symptoms. For example if you are suffering with a headache, Natasha will want to know how it starts, where in your head it is, what kind of pain it is, what makes it better or worse and if anything happened in your life before the symptoms started.

From there, Natasha will ask questions about any other symptoms you have been experiencing, for example you may not be sleeping well. Natasha will then ask you to explain everything you can about your sleep. If you are waking, what time? Are you warm or cold at night? Do you have problems going off to sleep? Are you scared? Are you having bad or recurring dreams? A busy mind?

Homeopaths are also interested in knowing where you are at emotionally, are you feeling angry? Irritated? Sad? Have you experienced a recent grief or a shock? Do you have persistent thoughts that are overwhelming? Do you worry? Has someone upset you? Are you scared of the dark, about finances, fear of the future? All those symptoms that are unique to you and make up who you are as a person.

Natasha will continue exploring all of your symptoms? Your food desires and aversions, how thirsty you are, what kind of weather you like etc.

From all this information, Natasha will then prescribe a remedy, that covers ALL of your symptoms. Homeopaths do this by using a Homeopathic repertory. A repertory contains all of the Homeopathic knowledge of the action of remedies for all the systems of the body. Here is an example of the Homeopathic Repertory that Natasha uses;

Each remedy is 'proved' by being given to a group of 'healthy' people for a period of time. The symptoms that each remedy creates in a healthy person matches what will be cured in a person presenting with those symptoms. That is where the Homeopathic term 'like cures like' comes from. Homeopaths have access to reams of evidence from over two hundred years of 'provings.' An example of 'like cures like' is where homeopathic Coffea, made from coffee can be helpful for someone suffering with sleeplessness.

By prescribing the remedy that matches all of your symptoms, it stimulates your immune system to heal. Homeopathic remedies are completely safe and without side effects and can be taken alongside other medication. They are also safe whilst pregnant and breastfeeding.

Natasha Burns LSHC RsHom, is a qualified and registered Homeopath, based in Cornwall, UK. Natasha sees patients at her clinics in Redruth or Worldwide via video chat.

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Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK. She helps couples from around the world have healthy babies, naturally.

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