Insomnia Treated Naturally with Homeopathy.

Sleeps for wimps hey? In my experience of insomnia nothing is more debilitating than not being able to sleep. Life falls apart pretty quickly when you are sleep deprived and there is nothing more frustrating than being wide awake when everyone is sleeping. Insomnia has a wide range of causes, shock, grief, pain, worry to name a few and it affects everyone differently.

Some people have trouble getting to sleep and others have problems with waking in the night.

The side effects of sleeping pills are worrying, they cause memory loss, are addictive and there is an awful hangover feeling in the morning. Homeopathy is non addictive, without side effects and can be taken whilst pregnant and alongside existing medication.

There are many Homeopathic remedies that can help with insomnia, the correct remedy depending on how the lack of sleep is particularly affecting you as an individual. During a consultation, Natasha will take a full history of who you are emotionally, mentally, physically and genetically and from that information she will be able to prescribe the perfect Homeopathic remedy to nudge your own healing mechanism to blissful sleep.

Natasha Burns LSHC RsHom, is a qualified and registered Homeopath, based in Cornwall, UK. Natasha sees patients at her clinics in Redruth or Worldwide via video chat.

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