Can Homeopathy Help Infertility?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Infertility is affecting more couples today than ever before, it is thought that 1 in 7 couples are now having trouble conceiving [1]. There are many studies that show the benefits of using Homeopathy for infertility. A study published in the journal of Homeopathy revealed that homeopathic treatment is a useful alternative to conventional treatment, especially in men with low sperm count and low sperm mobility levels. The researchers further found that the effect of homeopathy is more than a mere placebo effect. [2]

Causes of infertility are numerous; blocked fallopian tubes, previous ectopic pregnancy, fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, problems with ovulation, poor egg or sperm quality, low testosterone, low sperm count or poor motility can all be presenting complaints. Other factors such as a history of an eating disorder, drug or alcohol abuse, long term use of contraception, environmental toxicity or even emotional symptoms from a shock or grief all need to be taken into account.

‘When month after month brings disappointment, why not turn to homeopathy? I have treated numerous individuals and couples struggling with infertility, and to their great joy and surprise, they often conceive with homeopathic constitutional treatment,’ says Mary Aspinwall, a registered homeopath in California, USA [3]

Homeopathy can help by;

  • Balancing the hormones, menstrual cycle and ovulation process, making sure that the womb is ready for conception.

  • Increasing sperm count, motility and morphology by naturally stimulating the body.

  • Helping to shift any previous shocks or emotional upsets that could be blocking conception.

  • Homeopathy can be used alongside other fertility treatment.

How does a Homeopath treats infertility?

As infertility affects 50% both males and females, it is important that both partners receive Homeopathic treatment. There are different approaches for infertility, firstly what we call a constitutional remedy, which is based on your presenting complaints and your unique physical, mental and genetic make-up that makes you an individual. Secondly, by a more tailored approach which has been extremely successful for an Australian Homeopath, Liz Lalor. Liz reported an 87% success rate of 249 live births and 36 failures.

Couples are affected differently with the stress of trying to conceive, some may feel impatience and disappointment each month, others can carry guilt for not trying earlier or not being able to give their partner a baby. How you are coping emotionally is considered in your Homeopathic treatment plan.

Following a consultation, Natasha will assess your case and send you remedies with instructions on how to take them. Natasha is available by telephone for any questions or concerns you may have. Follow-up appointments are every 4-5 weeks, where Natasha will assess how the remedies have worked and the next stage of treatment.

Success Story

Emma was suffering with Post-Pill Amenorrhoea, The doctor had warned her that she may have trouble trying to conceive, after 5 consultations I got the call one Sunday morning that her periods had started! This patient went on to have two lovely children.

Natasha Burns LSHC RsHom, is a qualified and registered Homeopath, based in Cornwall, UK. Natasha sees patients at her clinics in Redruth or Worldwide via video chat.

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Natasha Burns is a Fertility Homeopath from Cornwall, UK. She helps couples from around the world have healthy babies, naturally.

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