Launching 17th October!


21 Day Mindset Course

“How to Develop a

Positive Mindset

When You Have

Chronic Illness”


Staying positive is extremely hard when struggling with your health.


But in order to overcome illness you must develop a positive mindset.


I know this because after losing my health not once, but twice, I came to understand first-hand how hard it is to struggle with the pain, loneliness and frustration caused by chronic illness.

During this time I learnt that having a positive mindset is essential to healing your body.


And if you agree with me you must sign up for my completely free 21 Day Mindset Course.

In this course I’m going to give you the daily steps needed to change your mindset, improve your symptoms and create a better outlook on life. It takes 21 days to change a habit, and starting Thursday 17th October,  I’ll guide you through daily exercises to help you accept where you are, forgive the past and set goals for the future.


Ultimately this course will show you how to live life to your fullest potential…


…no matter how hopeless you feel right now.


After signing up for this course you’ll get:


  • Access to the Facebook group where the daily journal prompts will be listed (And where you can also make new friends and get support from other members of the group.)

  • Plus bonus daily tools that I used to regain my health.


All you need for this course is…


  • A journal

  • A pen

  • Access to the internet

  • 20 minutes a day.


Nothing is more important when overcoming illness than your mindset. Without the right attitude nothing with change…but with a positive mental attitude anything is possible!


The Facebook group goes live on the 7th of October and will be active for 4 weeks. To be part of this group enter your name and email address below.


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