Not just fertility treatment, help with IBS too! 


Your tummy hurts, its cramping and you keep running to the toilet. You have anxiety about going somewhere and not knowing where the nearest toilet will be.  Was it the cheese I ate or the gluten? Your symptoms are worse when you are stressed.  Sound familiar?

More often than not, with my female patients who have a hormonal imbalance, I see gut health issues as well.  Before specialising in fertility, I was an allergy and gut health specialist.



What is IBS?


IBS is a very common condition affecting 20% of the population, with more females suffering than males. It tends to affect those aged between 20-40 years old.


It seems that Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a blanket term for any digestive issues that cannot be given another diagnosis.  As there is not a specific test for IBS it can take a long time to get a diagnosis and meanwhile the symptoms are uncomfortable and inconvenient.  

How I can help you?


Your initial consultation is 1.5 hours, this is where we go through all your symptoms in great detail so that I can build a picture of how your IBS symptoms affect you.  Everyone experiences IBS differently therefore your specific symptoms are very important in choosing the correct remedy.  I am also interested in when your symptoms began, the trigger, this could have been something emotional such as grief, shock, exams or something as simple as moving house.   Or it could have been something physical such as after the use of antibiotics, other medication, a tummy bug or change of diet.

Different Homeopathic Strategies to treat IBS 

Constitutional Remedy 

This is the remedy that covers all your symptoms and your personality.  The correct constitutional remedy stimulates your body to heal.  The constitutional remedy helps to relieve any anxieties that trigger your IBS symptoms and also any traumas preceding your IBS starting. 

Antibiotic Detox

I find that a lot of my patients with IBS have had extensive antibiotic use in their health history either more recently or in the past.  Detoxing antibiotics helps your gut to heal and rebalance easing IBS symptoms. 

Bowel Nosodes

Used with all my IBS patients, bowel nosodes are given to rebalance the healthy bacteria in the bowel including candida.  

I see patients at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre in Redruth, Cornwall, UK or worldwide via Skype or Facebook Messenger Live Video.  After your consultation I will send your remedies and instructions in the post, this is all included in the price of your consultation.  Follow up appointments are either 4 weeks or 9 weeks depending on your case.  


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