Homeopathic Fertility Programme

My 6-month fertility program contains everything you need to achieve a natural pregnancy.  

Homeopathic Treatment and Supplement advice is included for both partners. 

Consultations are online. 

10 Step Fertility Breakthrough Plan


Detox Pharmeuctical Drugs

The first step in restoring fertility is to balance the endocrine system, by detoxing steroids and the contraceptive pill with Homeopathy.  Each detox takes two months and each plan is individualised to your unique symptoms and medical history.  

Alongside a Homeopathic detox plan, remedies are also given to support your physical symptoms, your gut health, your mental/emotional state, your inherited tendencies and any other physical symptoms that need support.

A two-month prescription involves taking different remedies every day to restore your fertility as quickly as possible.


Start Charting your Basal Body Temperature.

In your welcome pack is everything you need to start tracking your Basal Body Temperature each morning.  

Tracking Basal Body Temperature allows you to understand your unique cycle and be able to pinpoint your ovulation time, to maximise your chances of conceiving.


Deal with stress, balance the adrenal glands, adrenaline, and cortisol.

Tackling stress is essential to conception.  When your body is constantly in fight or flight mode it thinks it is in danger and will not prioritise a pregnancy.

I have many tools to help you cope with stress,  included in your two-month plan is your constitutional remedy which takes into account your unique personality and how you see the world.  I find my patients put in better personal boundaries and make healthier choices after their constitutional remedy. 

I can also use Homeopathy to balance your cortisol and adrenaline levels and support the adrenal glands.


Balance Gut Health.

In my female patients with hormonal imbalances, I commonly see gut health issues, such as IBS, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.  Included in each prescription for fertility are remedies to help restore gut health, by detoxing antibiotics and prescribing bowel nosodes.


Heal Past Trauma and Grief.

A study conducted by Taylor and Francis 2015, found that women who had suffered abuse, grief,  neglect, household dysfunction or parental substance abuse, were more likely to have faced fertility difficulties and abnormal absences of menstruation lasting three months or more, and also took a longer time to get pregnant. 

In our initial consultation, we go back to the start of your life and explore any traumas that could be negatively affecting your fertility.  

The grief, the anxiety, and depression experienced when facing infertility is unique as it is compounded each month, remedies are also given to help how you have been feeling more recently during treatment. 



Included in all my Homeopathic prescriptions, are recommendations for supplements to be taken by both partners.  Supplements help to improve egg and sperm quality. 

You will be recommended supplements after our first consultation.


Fix Sleep.

Sleep deprivation and sleep dysfunction are associated with a long list of ailments. These include daytime exhaustion, mood disorders (such as anxiety and depression), weight gain, a higher risk of disease (including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer), memory problems, and higher levels of stress hormones and inflammation markers.

For both partners good quality sleep is essential for both partners as a lack of sleep affects the sex hormones needed for fertility, melatonin being one.  Melatonin influences the immune system, controls reproductive hormones, and may play a role in egg fertilization and embryo viability.

During your consultation, we explore what the causes of your poor sleep quality and individualised treatment is given to correct this as a priority.


Women's Fertility

All symptoms related to your fertility are included in the plan.  Symptoms such as absent periods, cycles too long or too short, bleeding between periods, painful periods.  Ovulation too early, too late or not at all.  There is support to help any issues with your cervical mucus.  Also if your mood is erratic around your period.  

In the consultation, we go back to the beginning when your periods first started and from there, I am able to work out where your current symptoms began. whether from the contraceptive pill, trauma or something else.


Men's Fertility 

Whether you have been told that you are dealing with male infertility or female infertility, studies have shown that when both partners have homeopathic treatment at the same time the chances of conceiving are much higher.  

With men, treatment is started by detoxing previous use of pharmaceutical drugs, such as steroids, antibiotics.  I also look at potential other blocks to fertility such as Bisphenol A toxicity and Heavy Metals which can all be detoxed Homeopathically.  Recommendations are also given for supplements depending on your specific case.

A study conducted by Gerhard and Wallis, 2002, found that 'sperm density', 'percentage of sperm with good progressive motility' and 'density of sperm with good propulsive motility' improved significantly, with Homeopathic treatment,  especially in cases of oligoasthenozoospermia.



Keeping a positive mindset is tough when going through fertility. During our sessions I will coach you on how to keep a positive mindset during your six months with me.


I will guide you to fertility meditations, affirmations and how to keep positive and hopeful even after the setbacks you have been through previously.

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