People who choose Homeopathy may...


  • Have illnesses or conditions that doctors say they cannot help with

  • Struggle with the side-effects of medicines

  • Wish to look at the root cause of their health issues

  • Be going through major changes

  • Want to take a more natural approach


Homeopathy is a dynamic form of medicine which advocates health and vitality on every level.   The aim is to promote healing which is rapid, gentle & permanent. It can be used alongside conventional medical treatment and other therapies.  This can enable people to lead a fuller life and they are often able to reduce their level of drug dependency with the help of their doctor.


Everyone is unique.  All signs and symptoms of illness, whether on a mental, emotional or physical level, are interrelated.  These symptoms draw attention to the fact that help is needed whilst also indicating the remedy required to gently regain an optimum state of health.


Whilst each diagnosed condition will share many common symptoms each person will express their own particular state in a slightly different way.  Homeopathy recognises this and treatment is tailored to each individual. This is why two people who seem to have the same illness may be treated with different remedies because this holistic medicine treats the whole person not the disease.

What is Homeopathy?

What happens in a Consultation?