I first experienced Homeopathy when my son was a baby.  He had had continuous chest infections for months and his health had declined to him being admitted with pneumonia. After visiting a local allergy specialist my son was prescribed a remedy called 'Drosera.'  After a few weeks there was a dramatic improvement in his health.  This experience stirred an interest in Homeopathy and I became so fascinated that I decided to pursue this further.

I qualified as a Homeopath in 2011 from the Salisbury Homeopathic College after a four year course.  I have recently undertaken additional training in Allergy and Environmental Testing, which not only allows me to establish allergens but also to desensitise the body using isopathic homeopathy.

After experiencing a bout of illness myself i realised that it was about time i started my practice.  I now work full time in Redruth, Cornwall and online.  I have never felt so fulfilled in my work and I feel it is an absolute honour to be able to help others with Homeopathy.


I am a keen blogger and was awarded the 2nd best homeopathic blog in the UK in 2018.

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