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I'm Natasha Burns

Homeopath, Certified Fertility Coach and Hormone Healer helping those diagnosed with unexplained infertility fall pregnant naturally.
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I am so glad you found me, lets do this together...

I offer a complete all-in-one programme using Homeopathy, lifestyle changes, diet. supplements and detoxing to help couples fall pregnant naturally.

Homeopathy is an incredible tool to help the body gently detox from pharmaceuticals such as the contraceptive pill, steroids which can all affect fertility, and also other substances such as heavy metals.

Homeopathy can also be used to balance the adrenal glands, the thyroid, and rebalance cortisol, adrenaline, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and much more. 

We also explore lifestyle habits, diet, and lack of nutrients and uncover any possible blocks as to why you have unexplained infertility.

I also recommend testing where necessary so we can find the root of what needs healing and not waste any time.

I believe overcoming unexplained infertility means finding the root cause, whether that is physical or emotional and healing that with homeopathy, detoxing, lifestyle, diet and supplementation to restore fertility.

Why Choose Me?

Specialist in Fertility

Hormone Healer

Certified Fertility 




Balancing your Health with Homeopathy

High Success Rate

The clues to the root cause
of your unexplained infertility are in the symptoms you are currently experiencing.  What are the worst symptoms you are currently dealing with?



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Happy Family

“'Hi everyone my names Laura I'm 30, I met this lovely lady to get help with my anxiety and what she ended up giving me was so much more .. I took the tabs for the anxiety and felt better within a week it was amazing I then contacted her regarding my fertility me and my partner had been trying for two and a half years we discussed things and made a plan to start taking treatment new years day little did I know the tablets for the anxiety had kicked started my periods and I had become pregnant after all that time my son is amazing and I owe that to this amazing woman she gave me him I had my first proper period in two years after taking them and I found out I was pregnant new years day last year I now have a beautiful 5-month-old baby boy and without her, I honestly believe he wouldn't be here ladies take a chance there's nothing to lose xxx'”

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Natasha helped me to regain my energy and deal with my anxious episodes. But the biggest gift was balancing my hormones and managing to fall pregnant straight away - something that due to previous complications I wasn’t expecting at all! Natasha also replies to my emails really quickly, which is much appreciated when she is so busy! Highly recommend Natasha to anyone looking to better their health